Kailh switches added to Ducky lineup

Hello all!! Ducky has finally added Kailh switches to their keyboards! The first keyboards to [...]

Cougar Desk Mats Giveaway

Come on what are you waiting for its absolutely free no purchase necessary simply follow [...]

Keycaps ABS or PBT!

Ah the age old argument what keycap material is better ABS or PBT for my [...]

Ducky’s Year Of The Pig Keyboard Debuts @ Computex 2019 Taiwan

Every year, mechanical keyboard maker Ducky rolls out a special-edition keyboard in honor of the [...]

Different Cherry MX mechanical switches

Ducky keyboards and the different types of Cherry MX switches Mechanical keyboards are defined by their [...]

How to lower your ping and improve Latency in Fortnite

Expert tips to reduce your ping and improve online gaming Epic Games’ Fortnite has taken [...]

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The Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Mechanical Gaming PC Keyboard

The Design Michael Chan who was invited to design the YOTD has been in the [...]

Is your mobile phone always running out of juice?

So, it’s the end of another long day you’re heading home or maybe you’re on [...]