How To Stop Your Desktop PC From Overheating

Without further ado lest jump straight into it, here we shall be suggesting solutions to stop desktop computers from overheating.

1. Physically Clean Your Computer Regularly
Computer case with fans

It is one of the easiest and simplest form of maintenance  to stop computer from overheating. You just need to keep your system’s hardware components clean. If it’s a desktop, try cleaning it once a week. If it is a laptop, once a month should be fine.

Never miss cleaning the fans and heatsinks installed within the system. If the dust binds with the fans responsible for the cooling components, the system tends to dissipates less heat, which can build-up to higher temperatures. So, keep it clean as regularly as possible.

2. Use after market Fans and Heatsinks
Artic Freezer Cooler & Heatsink to keep pc cool

After market Heatsinks are usually a lot better than oem heatsinks that come with your desktop pc ,because they are less noisy and displace a lot more air to keeps the CPU cool for a longer period of time.

3. Move your computer to a cooler place that has better access for airflow.

As the heading suggest place your desltop pc in a well ventillated area, an ideal spot would be an air-conditioned room or place to stop a computer from overheating, but we all know that sometimes is not always practical So, avoid keeping your system at places with a temperature more than an optimal room temperature.

Additionally, many people store their computers in a closed space like a closet simply because they dont like the look of there pc or its not in keeping with the theme of there room, Avoid spaces in which heat can build up, and airflow is poor — like in a closet.

In todays modern age PC cases have come a long way, and you can now prchase some realy well built and functional design cases for a fraction of the price. We know that computers can be unsightly sometimes, but hiding it in the wrong place could be a recipe for overheating.

A well-ventilated computer storage location should have more or less the same temperature as the rest of the room. If you want to keep it in a piece of furniture or closed space, consider adding ventilation to that place. It’s an easy hack.

4. Install A Liquid Cooling System

corsair hydro in pc case

If you are a frequent user of your PC who utilizes the system to its full performance limits or if you just like to tinker and upgrade your desktop PC, then you might want to add a liquid cooling system.
For the absolute beginner there are closed loop water cooling kits such as the corsair hydro, which means you simply install the heat-sink and radiator in situ and away you go, for someone who is a little bit more daring and has knowledge water cooling then you can install a water cooling loop to keep you CPU and GPU cool whilst performing extreme tasks such as gaming.

4. Conclusion

Now that you know of the ways to prevent overheating of your computer. Get it done as soon as possible! If you are an overclocker, make sure to keep an eye on the peak processor temperatures, so you get as close to the sun as possible, without getting burned.

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