Tai-Hao Deep Forest Blue Double Shot PBT Backlit Keycaps


ANSI & ISO Layout


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Ducky Ultra Violet PBT Double-Shot Keycaps Backlit – UK Layout
Bought by Weinberg from Richmond
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Game Max Centurion Gaming PC Case PN532R with Red LED Fans
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Mechanical Keyboard Vortex Core White  Blue Cherry MX
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vortex Core RGB 40% Mechanical Keyboard
Bought by Saltalamacchia from NORTH SHIELDS
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Ducky One2 TKL Pure White RGB Backlit  Silver MX Switch
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1st Player Steampunk SP8 Mid Tower Gaming Case
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Tai-Hao Deep Forest Green Double Shot PBT Backlit Keycaps
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Xigmatek Zeus Gaming Case - Open Frame
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