Tai-Hao ABS DoubleShot Keycaps Optimus PrimeUK+US Layout


ABS Double shot injection keyboard replacement keycaps


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Cougar MG120-G Compact Gaming Case
Bought by lawless from worle
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Ducky one 2 Sf Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Bought by Clark from Dundee
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Game Max Destroyer Gaming PC Case Green LED Windowed
Bought by chugg from Newton abbot
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Gangster Mid Tower Black Blue LED
Bought by Clay from Derby
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Ducky Year of the pig buy from Spot on Computers
Bought by Englert from Perry Barr / Birmingham
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Corsair Carbide Air 740 High Airflow ATX Cube Case - Black (CC-9011096-WW)
Bought by Serban from London
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Tai-Hao TPR Rubber Backlit Double Shot 18 Keys - Neon Blue
Bought by Boswell from Chippenham
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Ducky One 2 Mini White RGB 60%
Bought by Brown from Swansea
Total order for 109.99 GBP