Is your mobile phone always running out of juice?

So, it’s the end of another long day you’re heading home or maybe you’re on holiday, you need to make that important phone call or take that one in a life time picture. As soon as you pull out your mobile phone, bad news: the needle on the digital battery meter is buried in the red.

So what do you do …….. Is your mobile phone always running out of juice?

Well, you could always try ducking into a nearby star bucks  or any other coffee shop and plead with the person behind the counter to allow you to charge your phone to make that important phone call, of course, and assuming you have the charging cable to hand, which I very much doubt you will.

Well there is an alternative: a portable / rechargeable battery pack, small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and ready to give your iphone, andriod phone, cheap chinese phone bought on ebay/amazon or ipod for that matter a much needed adrenaline shot, even when there isn’t a wall outlet in sight.

Your typical portable battery pack will cost anywhere from £20 to £100, depending on the size, and they all work in more or less the same way. You charge them at home by plugging them into a wall outlet then bring them with you for a quick boost whenever your phones battery is running low.

Of course, the bigger the battery the more power it’ll store.

For example, a smaller, keychain sized battery pack probably couldn’t completely recharge a dead iphone in a pinch, though, it could give you enough power for a few extra calls or check your email one last time,

What you need to take that once in a life time selfie snap is enough power to keep your Smartphone going for a cross country flight  – you’ll need a 10000mah power bank such as the one made by SUMVISION which not only supports Smartphone but can quite easily charge tablets and any other device.

To put this into perspective this 10000mah monster can hold enough charge to recharge your Smartphone 4 times and a ipad mini 1.5 times in the pack also comes a micro usb cable so you don’t need to carry your smartphone charging cable with you. A neat little feature of this power bank is it has two usb ports so you’re not limited to charging only one device at a time.

As a onetime offer we have partnered with SUMVISION and are giving away these POWER BANKS away absolutely FREE all you need to do is head over to the page, and simply pay for the postage from there on wards we shall take care of thing and make sure you get your hands on this awesome device.

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